Still Life with Turnips and Pattypan Squash

Turnip & Pattypan Squash 12"X9" Oil on Panel

This painting I almost completed when I was painting at my local Farmer’s Market. This was my third Thursday painting at the market. It’s so much fun, and I come home tired but inspired for the next days painting session. I picked these lovely vegetables to paint on the spot and set this still life up. Again I consider this painting an En Plein Air, I usually take more time to set up a still life indoors but the light is always changing very rapidly after 2PM so I feel rushed to get started. By the time I’m ready to move on to my next painting it’s quite late and I usually am warmed up enough to get a good start on it but not close to being finished by the end of the market hours.

To Purchase select thumbnail below of this painting.

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