Mount Baker in the Background

Mount Baker in the Background

Mount Baker in the Background 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas Panel

I have been very neglectful of my blog and website in the last several months and I apologize to all. I have been trying to go back to basics and learn to paint a better painting. This was my latest plein air piece. I gave myself some new equipment and tried it out on the 1st of this new year. What fun! Although I may try and rework this a bit at home I felt it was getting closer to the kind of painting I wanted to be doing.

I was thinking the small pieces I was working on last year got too tight and lacked something for me in the process. I was most unhappy with myself after much effort through the summer so I went and asked for a review of my work from someone I trusted to give me a good idea of where I was going wrong.  As painful as that process was I will try and keep on track to improve daily. As I try to study and rework how I’ve been painting I hope this new work will delight more then me but as I learn I will probably get worse again. I understand this is the process. I think I’ll just try and have more fun this year and try not to please you my new friends but delight in the process. Working to sell is not what my next year will be about and I want to start writing more of the things I’m learning as I go.

I’ve got a show in a year from now and I will try and produce finished work for it. These will be more labored no doubt. The process which I hope will transpire with these are that I will start with the outdoor pieces enlarge the design and carry the larger studio starts back out to the spot of the initial conception. This was a process that was used by an artist that I recently discovered and liked her work. It had the right amount of designing in it with that feel of outdoor spontaneity. So far I can not seem to design what I think I want when I go out to paint. It’s as if my brain flies away when it has the space to soar. The pieces need to be reworked when I get home or they are just not working at all. Having said all that the above piece had a first idea of z pattern going through so that much I held on to. I had started an hour before sunset and the temperature plummeted with the sun going down my hands froze just before I could finished and I have now remedied that little problem.

My show will also be related to the city I live in, it is our centennial year. The middle ground of this scene is called Mary Hill which a hundred years ago was probably all bush and today it is covered over in townhouses. The land in the foreground is part of the regional park and is also a bird sanctuary one of my favorite places to go walking and painting. I was on top of the hill that overlooks my city and has a great vista which over looks the whole of Port Coquitlam. The town homes were all lit up with the setting sunlight and made the value higher then I think it should have been painted. This is what my what my next posts will be about as I’m trying to get my head wrapped around landscape values. I think there are some definite issues with values on this my first effort on this location.

Till then I wish you all A Happy New Year.

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