Evening on the Pitt River in Early Spring


Pitt River Early Spring 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas Panel

I painted this a couple of weeks ago and will start to add pieces I’ve been working on this spring as I have a few now that I like. I don’t get keepers very often when I go out but I’ve been working towards a show for the end of this year and I’m using these for painting larger pieces. I’ve not found it easy to go larger either but have a few now that I think will work for the show. This is 11″x14″ and I’m hoping to start taking larger canvases outdoors also. By selecting the above image it will link you to my Daily Paintworks auction.

I posted yesterday my effort from the Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge on Saturday that I was on in Langley BC and my good friend Michael King wrote a nice entertaining article on his plein air web site which captured the day nicely for me. Here is the link to the article Plein Air BC .

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