Tide’s Out

Tide's Out on the Pitt River 11"x14" Oil on Canvas Panel

Tide’s Out on the Pitt River 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas Panel

The Pitt River has a fresh water source and comes down into the Fraser which then goes to the Straight of Georgia which is salt water and where the tides come from. It would never be too deep for me here on the Pitt but I still don’t like to get wet feet as I often only have running shoes on. I have been going down off the dike to paint at the edge of the river for a better view and the other night I found my little path back filled with incoming tide. I had to find another way round. Always an adventure on this river lots of birds, eagles, herons and ducks of all sorts.

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1 Response to Tide’s Out

  1. Sea Dean says:

    These Pitt River paintings are wonderful Denise. They are bringing back lovely memories.

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